Folding Pocket Compass Made of Magnetic Rods and Iron Spheres

parts: two iron spheres. seven magnetic rods.

my compass is made of geomag (a child game).

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Step 1: Building the Compass

build a long rod of seven magnetic rods.
remove one rod and the sphere.

break the remaining rod into two (3-3 pieces) and join the other sphere into the middle of the magnetic rod.

make an A shape.

join the two spheres.

your compass is ready to use.

you may try using five (or even three) rods only, but the more rods, the less the 'friction' between the balls, and the quicker the compass stops pointing to north-south direction. do experiment!

Step 2: Using the Compass

hold the single rod in your fingers, say 'abrakadabra'.
wait till the rod stops, pointing to north-south direction.

make sure there are no iron/magnetic objects (like wristwatch, cars, washing machines, etc.) close to you. avoid heavy winds too.

Step 3: First Time Use

take a real compass and check if the two compasses point to the same direction.
be carefull, the two compasses may interfere. so keep several meters of distance between the two.

mark the north end of one of the rods (duct tape).

Step 4: Storage

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