Folding Skateboard!


Introduction: Folding Skateboard!

This is a very easy to make folding skateboard. You can do this if you snapped your skateboard deck in two or just don't like a normal skateboard! Hahaha...

I apologize in advance for the bad pictures.

The skateboard itself was not what i wanted it to be because i just made it from a random idea in my head. The wheels weren't supposed to fold onto themselves, and i ran out of motivation to correct it :-).

So enjoy what you've got, my friends :-)

Step 1: Get Your Materials

For this i'ble, you're going to need some easy-to-get stuff. (sorry the picture is blurry)

- Screwdrivers that'll fit the various screws
- A saw
- Pliers
- A skateboard (mine was in no way broken, just old and useless)
- An electric drill if you want things to go faster
- A piece of wood to cut in half, (whatever shape you like, and wide enough to accomodate two hinges)
- Two hinges along with the proper screws
- Rollerblade wheels (optional...for making the ride a bit smoother :-))

Step 2: The Deck

1. Saw the wood in half
measure half the plank then cut in half using the saw.

2. Connect the two pieces of the wood with the hinges
Join the two pieces of wood with the hinges. Be careful to line up the hinges properly so that they don't fold i did on my first careless attempt.

Step 3: The Trucks

1. Take the trucks off the old deck
Take the trucks (the metal things where the wheels go) off the old deck. The easiest way is to hold the nut with your pliers and unscrew the screws quickly with the battery-powered drill. After you do that, put the trucks on the new piece of wood (make sure it lines up nicely so the board goes straight when you ride it) and drill holes for the screws.

***** at this point, if you wish, you can switch the skateboard wheels with rollerblade wheels for a smoother ride.

Step 4: Attach the Trucks to the Deck

1. Screw the trucks onto the deck
If your deck was too thick for the original screws like mine was, use longer screws.

*****If you're willing, fix it so that the skateboard folds flat on top of itself becuase the wheels fold onto eahc other on mine...

also, i just want you guys to know, it's not my fault if you guys fall and hurt yourself or if the hinges don't hold your weight (i made this for a teenager about my weight...which is small), or if the wheels are so smooth the board flies out from under you, this was a project inspired by..something and is good for joyriding...

i'd suggest putting the wheels out further (or maybe not, it might put more pressure on the hinges), or cutting off the long ends of the board so that the board has less chance of folding underneath you.
maybe to stop, you could simply step closer to the edge of the board so it folds in and drags the end on the ground. haha whatever

ride safely and don't do anything dumb. <3 alvincredible.



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    21 Discussions

    Seems cool but instead of regular wood why not use the skateboard itself

    little advice. use a griptape :v

    I also switched my skateboarding wheels with roller blading wheels once, but I found despite the smooth ride, the wheels did not spin as fast. Did you have the same problem and does it have anything to do with the wheels themselves or do I just need to lubricate the bearings?

    2 replies

    first of all they do make softer skateboard wheels, so theres no reason to use roller blade wheels. Thats actually part of the problem with your speed. when deciding which wheels you want to use, smaller wheels will pick up speed quicker(good for park skating) and larger wheels will have a higher top speed(good for longboarding/downhill) the width of skateboard wheels compared to roller blade wheels also helps a lot with traction. lastly your bearings will make a huge difference in speed, and cheap bearings will never last you. I've had $5 bearings that break in an hour, and $50 bearings that have lasted me for years.

    A little lube never hurt. I've founf that when you take the relatively large bearing surface of a skateboard wheel and replace it with the relatively small bearing surface of a roller blade wheel, while still putting the same weight on it, you'll get more friction. Then again, I've gotten going faster on blades than a board, so I know they have the potential to spin fast. So I guess when all else fails, lube.

    This is a fun site, and the board is a good idea for limited budgets (and like you say, a cool thing to do with a broken board!). There is a production portable board out there called Stowboard. I got one a couple of months ago - aluminum alloy deck, folds up to 11 inches, totally bulletproof. Check it at

    Im pretty sure that if it folded the other way the fold would drag on the ground as you skate XD

    A locking device would be nice, maybe a piece of metal with wing nuts would be the best thing using at least two bolts on each end.. jumping would be extremely hard if no locking bar is in place. This is a very good idea for storage when not in use..

    2 replies

    haha my dad was going to help me find some locking thing so that it folds far, no cigar. ahah thanks anyway :-) <3 alvincredible

    What about redesigning the hinge mechanism to be more like that on a folding dining table. So that when straight is locked and you pull it out then fold to make compact. Maybe that's a way to do it without having extra pieces to put on when you want to use it.

    if the hinges folded away from the wheels wouldnt the board not stay straight?

    thats awesome i chopped sum of the end off tho and did the hinges 2wards (NOT THE WHEEL SIDE) pretty fun couldnt you just get ur normal sk8board and cut it in half and add hinges

    Yor dog looks pretty.. XD. anyways, great instructable! its descriptive and easy to understand

    lol its for kids like me who are incredibly bored at home and would like something to do :-). plus, youo can take it to school and just put it under your desk or something.

    The trucks need to be spaced different lengths away from the hing so that they dont touch when folded. That way it will fold up closer.

    good idea, but i think the way to go is some kind of locking mechanism, where two halfs slot together.