Folding Table!




Introduction: Folding Table!

Hi everyone!

My name is Oswaldo and this is my first Instructable! Today I'm going to explain how to make a folding table to remplace your dinning table or simply for a new table you want create! If you want to build a nice table like mine, I'm gonna explain step-by-step how to make it, but you can make it the size you want.

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Step 1: Videos!


Step 2: BOM

  • 1x Sheet of wood (70in x 30in x 5/8in thick) (Your dimensions may vary)
  • 2x 2x1 strip, length (2in x 29in)
  • 2x Folding Shelf Brackets
  • 2x Folding Lock Brackets
  • Screws #8-1in (for particle board), #8-5/8 in (for wood)
  • 2x Magnetic latchs
  • Plastic sheet (Optional - to cover the wood)
  • Wood Stain
  • Drill & Router
  • Stapler
  • Gloves (For painting)

This was my first project with my new Black&Decker Matrix! It's a multi-purpose tool from Black&Decker and from one tool, you can pass from a drill to an impact, to a router, check it out!

Step 3: Concept

I needed a bigger table but did not have the room for one. So I imagined a table that could be folded but that would also strong enough for daily use.

Step 4: Cut the Wood, Finish the Edges and Paint It!

  • Cut the wood to the size that you want (For me was 70in x 30in)
  • Use a router to finish the edges
  • Use the wood stain of your choise to paint the wood and let it dry about 5 minutes between each layer. (Wear gloves, it's very messy)

Step 5: Install the Folding Shelf Bracket

Now that the wood is cut and painted, it's time to install the table in place.

  • Screw in place the two brackets with the 1in melamine screws, be sure that the two brackets are leveled.
  • Install the wood sheet on the brackets, align the sheet between the two brackets and screw it down with the 5/8 in screws.

Note: Make sure that the brackets are not right were your legs will be when seated. Make enough room so it is comfortable.

Step 6: Plastic Film

This step was something that I didn't realize that i need until i saw it. The wood looks bright and it helps a lot for cleaning.

  • Cut the film at the wood sheet size, but let about 1-2 in over for the stapler.
  • Place the film on the wood.
  • Put a staple on each corner,just for strech enougth the plastic.
  • Put a staple each 6 inches, make sur that the plastic is streched before putting the staple.

You can put the plastic before or after installing the wood in place, it's better before, but I just realise it after I didn't want to remove it.

Step 7: Install the Foot (Facultative)

This step is facultative because it depends of the length of the table, if the table is cantilevered or if you see that the corners of the table flex a lot in normal use, you need to put a feet.

  • Install the folding lock bracket in place with the 5/8 in screws and make sure that the orientation of the bracket it will work for your table. I decided to install it in the direction of the length. Another reason for the direction is the section of the foot, because 1 in section will be more stronger than the 2 in section. So if you want to avoid to bend your foot, put the small section in the direction of the flexion.
  • Cut the 2x1 for the length of your foot and then screw it in place.

Step 8: Leg Extra Locking System (Facultative)

If you decided to make a leg for your table, and if you want to lock the foot completely, you can put a mangnetic lock so when you want to close the table, you can close the legs and it will lock in place.

Step 9: End!

Congratulations, you just dit a beautifull table that it will be convinient for your space and big enough for at least four people!

Thanks for reading and don't forget to vote if you like this instructable, thanks!

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3 years ago

This looks really nice :) I'd love to set one of these up in our dining area so it can fold away when we aren't using it.


Reply 3 years ago

thank you:). If u have questions, let me know!