Folding a Cardboard Milk Container




Ok, so in this instructable I will show you an easy and fun way on how to fold a cardboard milk container, also called tetra pak. Plus an added benefit to this is that it takes up a little bit less space in a garbage bin.

Anyway, let`s get to it...

Step 1:

First you screw the lid off, so air can come out.

Then, just flatten it by creasing the sides just like in the picture shown.

Step 2:

Now fold the top and bottom towards each other. and fold the side flaps towards the back.

Step 3:

And now the bottom part needs to be worked or folded under the top (where the lid goes on).

Now put the cap back on and it should look something like this - It reminds a folded shirt doesn`t it?

Hope you found this instructable usefull and fun.

And now you have one more way to impress your friends.



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2 years ago

If my friends are impressed by this then I need new friends! Haha. But seriously this is always a good idea to take up less space in our recycling. I personally step on all my boxes & containers. Not fancy but quick. Thanks for sharing!


2 years ago

That's great! All the space that a milk carton uses just got devided by 100. I'll do anything to delay hearing my wife tell me to take the trash out. Haha! Thank you, I never thought of that before.