Follow Bag by Bluetooth (DIY)

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What is it?

It Slim Card Device working by Bluetooth to help us to find our luggage at the airport baggage claim

Why we need it?

When traveling as we really hate waiting endlessly for our bags at the airport baggage claim.

What advantage?

· We will be Sustainability and keep Environment in safe, if you’re Hand free Bluetooth (Sound) Not Working! And sure you will throw it?!! Now You Can (Reuse – Reduce - Recycle) to help The Environment from waste Electronics parts

· This small Card and functional can be put it to all travel bags to allow it’s user to conveniently find the baggage at the destination.

· This gadget can also become pretty handy to alarm or inform user when it is detected at certain distance, it prevents loss or theft. It helps you avoid any complicated baggage claim process as well as keeping it safe.

How it is working?

When you are at departure area, Only (switch on) the Follow Bag Card and keep it in your bag. Once you are at arrival area and waiting for your luggage, simply sit, activate your Mobile Bluetooth and wait. An alarm Mobile Bluetooth connected will turn on once your bags are within certain distance.

Khaled Elnems

Step 1: DIY

Step 2: How It Is Working



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