Follow the Flow

Introduction: Follow the Flow

Build something to amaze those simple minded people and watch the water fall down the pivoting pipes!!

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Step 1: Build the Tower

Cut pieces of wood to build a frame. Cut Two pieces of a 1x1 in eight inches long. and also four pieces of 1x1's 24 inches long. and then use a 4x4 as the base and screw the 24 inch long pieces into the four corners of the 4x4. Then attach the 1x1s at the top with the shorter 1x1's stretching the short way across the 4x4 but at the opposite end of the 4x4.

Step 2: Cut the Pipe

Go out and get yourself a piece of 3 inch PCV and make sure that you have a long enough piece to get 3 pieces out of it and each piece needs to be 14 inches long. Then with each piece cut a chunk of the pipe out that it cut down the side of the pipe for 7 inches leaving the pipe halved for half of the 14 inches seal the inside half of the pipe with some sort of sealant we used duct tape and hot glue. then take a drill and drill a hole through the pipe about an inch behind the half way point making sure the hole is big enough for the material that will later be holding the pipe up to spin on.

Step 3: Hang the Pipes

Now with the same size drill bit you used to drill the hole in the pipe drill holes in the side supports of the tower. drill the holes straight as possible across from one another and the on the right side posts drill 2 separate sets about 18 inches apart and then on the left hand side drill the holes 12 inches from the top. then take (we suggest cut up coat hanger) whatever you are using to suspend your pipes with and hang the pipes in the spots.

Step 4: Position the Pipes

now to make sure the pies font just keep spinning around and around forever, take another piece of coat hanger and mount it on the supports under the pipe about a half inch under the pipe to make sure it doesn't keep spinning.

Step 5: Finish It Off

now its time to step back and enjoy your work place the whole project in a bucket and run some water through it. take a small glass and pour it into the top one and watch it work its way through different levels of pipe.

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    Nice design. If you want to make the video easier for people to watch, you can upload it to a site like YouTube and then embed it on the page using the Embed Video tool in the step editor. This will let people watch the video on the page without having to download it.