Food Replacement System

Its hard to find convenient and healthy food

Make a food replacement system based on protein and veggies

lots of green leafy vegetables
top sirloin

kitchen (I used the techshop chandler kitchen)

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Step 1:

Get green leafy veggies and anything that is healthy, vegetable, and will dehydrate well

Step 2:

clean vegetables and place in dehydrator

Step 3:

when veggies are mostly, but not all dry,juice them(using the blank attachment on juicer) and collect juice and fiber

Step 4:

dehydrate fiber cookies

Step 5:

will take about 24 hours to dehydrate

Step 6:

slice meat

Step 7:

pulverize dehydrated veggies (I used a rolling pin) and dip meat in (veggie parts will stick to meat)

now dehydrate VEAT and eat.

I made it at TechShop

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