Foodstuffs for Children's Kitchen



Does your child want help you in kitchen? Let's make some kitchen stuff for him from material found in house.

Step 1: Eggs

Inner part of "Kinder surprise" egg is perfect for egg. Yolk is made from felt, egg white from white cloth.

Step 2: Milk Bottle

Use old pills doze as milk bottle.

Step 3: Peas

Green felt and green balls for peas.

Step 4: Strawberry and Grapes

Strawberry is made from red and light green felt, grapes from violet and dark green felt/

Step 5: Fish

Step 6: Carrote

Step 7: Making Of

Step 8: Bread and Stuff for Cutting

These stuff were bought, but it is very simple make yourself. Pieces of wood and glued Velcro on sides.



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