Fooling LCD Projector, Install Any Lightbulb




Introduction: Fooling LCD Projector, Install Any Lightbulb

here is short video... you have LCD projector, and he have bad original lamp inside, when you tried to put another lightbulb that is not for projector, your projector shuts down after 10 sec because the damn thing knows that there is no original lamp inside, they did that system to make you buy original lamp that could cost 200$ or more, here si simple hack how to put any lamp and save monney, my new lightbulb cost me about 1.20$ and Im watching movies on big screen last year and half!




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    This is not working for me so far. There is serial data going through the optocoupler. We are trying to run it with no bulb at all. Is this possible. projector is a NEC NP200. any help greatly appreciated

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    Hi, it sounds like we are trying to do the same thing and I've run up against exactly the same problem (data communication down the return opto). I know this thread is a bit old and you've probably forgotten about it entirely but did you make any progress or find a work-around? At the moment all I can think of is a micro-crontroller board to mimic the serial data but that my last resort. Any help would be incredible, thanks.

    The return opto from the lamp psu transfers one or more serial bytes so a simple hi , lo or a simple oscillation will not convey the correct message required.

    Also note that you are trying to do something diferent - they are wanting to use a different bulb - you are trying to use NO bulb.

    Hay thank you for the information it was very helpful. I have a Spanish school in Buenos Aires and I have 5 old HP. 4 of them had the lamp burned and thank to you buddy they are now working fine with new lamps. I'm going to upload some photos into my website to show my experience.

    not work on my infocus T102. maybe that just work for old model.
    indicator lamp turning RED.

    hello dear professor;) i have a HP ep7112 proj and wonder if you would be a gentleman and help me to make any other lamp work in it? best regards Kjetil

    hey mate you said you are sorry cause your english wich is your native language? 2nd ive buy a viewsopj506d about 4 usd in chile my country, but i realy think it missed somes parts and cables cause it turn on then show my desktop amd then the lamp shootdown just the lamp... i dont understand what happend but im still trying if you have some map or tecnical guide ill be glad. and to finish i been thinking in buy a led pack and plug... have you ever try that form? could work thinking about they can interact as right as it be the original lamp? god tuto by the way

    WOOW the right optocuplers were in that module called "ballast" wich didn´t come in the schematics :'D There they were, 3 optocuplers, and a 5 cable conector! I did the bridge, and now the projector doesn´t turn off. THANK YOU! XD Tomorrow I´ll buy a cheap light bulb and install it.

    Did I mention that I got the projector for free due to this issue? xD Thanks man

    I have nec VT590,NP41G,LT380,VT580
    So how to bypass the lamp if anyone knows.
    infocus dlp projector x1, I had no problems to bypass the lamp.I just put the wire 3,3V
    on the ground,and everything works without problems.
    Best Regards

    if you could tell me where do I have to make the bridge please it´ll be great. Just tell me the name of the conector, and i´ll find it out in the pcb. I took a couple of photos up there there is the optocoupler. Pins 3 and 4 are the phototransistor ans pins 1 and 2 are the diode. I can´t figure out what cables do i have to bridge. that´s the same board from upwards, where you can see the cables going to the mb on the left and some tiny cables going to a module called "ballast"

    Hope that this helps

    Hey there, I hope you can help me out. My projector it´s a LG rd-jt50 I have the service manual with all the schematics and procedures to dissasemble the projector. I only see one optocoupler in the schematics. It´s that possible?

    This is the manual ->

    The lamp is broken, and the new one costs 200$ , I saw your method and I´m really interested in aplying it. I know about electronics so it won´t be a problem for me, but before I start taking it apart, I want to know if it´s possible.

    Thanks man!

    hello my friend, i`ve found your post really interesting, but i cant do work my proyector, is a nec 695, i`ve hack the ballast but the proyector shut down after a 30 sec and tells me "the lamp fails to light", i`ve search for a photodiode like claudiopolis indicate but i didnt find any. ¿could you help me?

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    Could you take pictures of insides of your projector, and lamp power supply and send me?


    what was wrong with the word



    As soon as i deplane i'll try this for myself.
    i think using any old bulb is a great idea! my work has over 50 projectors. this might come in handy!

    Hi all i do not have a projector but found the subject matter interesting as i have often thought about the bubls in these things and how dare companies charge so much for a light so in the interest of sticking it to the man here is a solution i come up with and it cost like 20 or less if you just get the LED it self

    the link is to a 10 Watt led what so special about it?

    its FLAT it would fit nice in a projector with some modding, and projectors already have a cooling system, the led can be 100% white light and that is the real goal with the projector globes to get them white the other fact is its only 10watts, plus been Flat it can fit in a small spot as long as there is some metal or heatsink behind it, the Xenon Star leds or Xenon globes well there not flat they also need lenses and special mounting ect. the mount on this led is very simple. Anyway thanks for this instructable i will look at it in future when i get a projector.

    Good info on some projectors but while this method applies to most of them there are different ones. For instance, some DLP projectors have a photodiode inside the light tunnel. Fooling the projector to work without an original lamp isn't hard. What's hard is to replace that with a proper light source that's both cheap, powerful and lasting. THAT's the real challenge. I still struggle with LED lights with little success so far.

    For other users interested in this, this is my reference site when it comes to modding projectors:

    These guys use XENON bulbs (the ones used in car headlights) successfully. I might give that a try someday.