Football Catching Trainers

Introduction: Football Catching Trainers

This is a piece of equipment to help football players learn to catch with their fingers and not their palms #ferociousdoughnuts
The materials you will need are
•duct tape
•tennis ball
•knife or scissors

Step 1: Prepare the Tennis Ball

Grab the tennis ball and with the knife or scissors cut it in half and make sure both sides of the tennis balls are even

Step 2: Prepare the Tape

Pull out the duct tape so it fits snugly around your hands (note: use the non sticky side to measure) after that measurement double it so you can have two pieces for both hands and make sure you use the tennis balls on your hands while measuring

Step 3: Assemble the Pieces

Now what you do is put the sticky side of the tape on the tennis ball and wrap it around your hand as tight as you like and then you are done I also added an extra piece of tape on the tennis balls to hold the strap tapes in place

Step 4: One More Thing

When you are done the sticky part of the tape will be on your hands just fold them over so they don't stick on your hands

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