Football Themed Tabata Workout

This football themed intense Tabata training workout is packed with shuffle variations, really challenges your full body muscles, and shoots your heart rate off the roof. If you push yourself, you can easily burn 10 calories per min in this workout and if you want extra challenge, train this workout outdoor in a park.

Workout details:

20 sec work, 10 sec work, 8 rounds, 4 min for each tabata circuit

4 exercise total and time stamps:

Exercise 1: 0:38, 2:38, quick shuffles

Exercise 2: 1:08, 3:08, quick shuffles with turns

Exercise 3: 1:38, 3:38, side shuffles with sprints

Exercise 4: 2:08, 4:08, quick shuffles with burpees

Repeat one more time for total 8 rounds.

Rest for 45 to 60 sec then repeat this Tabata circuit up to 5 times.

Hopefully you find this helpful and for more tabata workouts below:

Check out my other health/fitness/recipe videos here:

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