Footed Origami Box




Introduction: Footed Origami Box

This is one of my favorite origami boxes because it doesn't just rest on a large base like most but instead stands on four little legs. I think it's a little weird to fold and there are a few times when you have to fold through a lot of layers so I suggest using thin paper such as origami paper. 

Step 1:

You will need:
-one square piece of paper

Step 2:

The first thing to do is to make a base. To do that, follow these steps:

-Fold the paper in half both directions to make the diagonals. 
-Fold each corner into the middle.
-Make sure all the creases crisp and then collapse into something that looks like a dart fletching. 

Step 3:

Fold down the front layer and unfold.

Squeeze the top and bottom of where you just folded to open it and then crease the layer so it makes a rectangle (pictures 3, 4, 5).

Bring a layer down and crease to make a white square shape with two yellow rectangles ons the sides (see last picture)

Flip the model over and repeat these steps.

Step 4:

Fold both sides in to meet the middle line.

Fold down the middle triangle flaps and then unfold them.

Tuck the flaps into the opening that the two triangles pointing towards the middle make. 

Flip the model over and repeat all these steps on the other side. 

Step 5:

Fold the tip up to align with the triangle shape. 

Fold what is now the bottom part up so that it looks like a crown.

Tuck the corners of the last part you folded into the pockets on the left and right. 

Repeat these steps on the other side. 

Step 6:

Open the box, creasing the edges to form it, and fill with awesome things. 

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2 years ago

Can u add a video??? I am having problems with it

2 replies

me too a video would really help!!!!

nice. it kinda came out lop-sided for me but i guess practice makes perfect!!!!!!!!!!

I was so confused that this is how it turns out

Cool design!

I am pretty experienced in origami folding and just cannot work out your instructions. I have been working on steps 2 - 4 in stage 2 for 3 hours now and just dont get it. You do not explain how to jump from step 1 to step 2. I can find at least 2 solutions neither of which work. . step 3 is a mystery. am kind of frustrated as i wanted to make this for a birthday present. i know origami has mostly diagrams and not words but please give us a few more hints. its not that hard.. :-)

I made one and now I'm addicted! Awesome!!!!

I love this box u do really good work you should check out my channel


5 years ago

Hey your really cool

Got there in the end! Bit of confusion in step 1 last 3 pictures. Got the dart fletching, but the folded triangles were on the inside.... Made Step 2 picture 1 and 2 confusing as mine was inside out...
Love the box though. Will be using it to store my chain mail rings before assembly.

1 reply