Introduction: Footstool

The original idea was create a footstool, but once built it works in others ways

Step 1: Design

I used three different pieces

30 of 35x8 cm (foot)

28 of 5x8 cm (spacer)

16 of 5x30 cm (top)

The idea it's overlap

1 top, 2 foots, 2 spacers, 1 top, 2 foots, 2 spacers, 1 top, ...

Step 2: Materials

A lot of reclaimed wood and some glue

Step 3: Choose Reclaimed Wood

To choose the pieces of wood, you will need consider the long and width of the pieces you will need and ALL the pieces will need to be of the same thickness

Step 4: Clean the Wood

The reclaimed wood has a lot of nails that we need to remove or can cause problems later.

Step 5: Time to Cut

First I cut the pieces to the width desired for do this I used a table jigsaw later, I cut the pieces to the long desired with a miter saw, at the end I discovered some pieces at the exact size of the spacers

Step 6: Time to Glue

In this part, I glued a sub-assembly of the footstool, to do this I built a frame to make the work easier. I have used screws to keep the sub-assembly together until the glue dried after 60 min I unscrewed all the screws

Step 7: Time to Glue It All

I glued three subassemblies each time to ensure the alignment, I left it dry for 60 minutes between steps once ended I left it dry all night.

Step 8: Sanding

First sanding with 80 grit sandpaper and then with 120 grit sandpaper

Step 9: Finished



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    11 Discussions

    That's pretty sweet bud. Nice job.

    Looks fantastic! If I get time I will have a go at this (but yours will be tidier than mine, I promise...)

    1 reply

    That is sooooo nice! I have quite a few pallets, I think I will try this! (If I have the patience!)

    1 reply

    You can do it, I didn't all the same day, I took huge breaks between steps :D