Footswitch for Pandora PX4&(it Works)





Introduction: Footswitch for Pandora PX4&(it Works)

Multi Effects Korg Pandora PX4 , a multi effects pocket, was not designed to be played in the stampede, the difference with his young brother PX 5 that is already provided for footswitch line ... but with improvised tools and materials, we can make yourself a footswitch for Korg PX4 Pandora .. enough to provide the following tools and materials.and this is the footswitch for pandora PX4 from Indonesia

Step 1: Tools and Materials

tools: n tin solder, guting, cutter, screwdriver +, etc.
materials: nokia express music female jack 3.6 mm., Headset nokia express music, push-on switch for latch 2 Pcs, anda case/box, as shown below

Step 2: And Step by Step Go Round As Follows:

First unloading PX4 like the following picture

Note: be careful in unpacking

Step 3: Solder Wires According to the Following Picture

Second, take the female jack nokia express music, and main board PX 4, and solder wires according to the following picture

Note: be careful in soldering not to damage other components, use solder with a pointed tip, n so sorry forgot to photograph a result of her spirits until solderannya, but the diagram above is an actual happening

Step 4: Third, Loading .. Nokia Headset and Cord to Connect to the Four Push-on Switch, As Shown Below

Note: The order of the cable may be different on each headset, to make sure, use a multi tester to know cable channels to the 3.6 mm jack with 3 bracelets again .. sorry no actual photos, but the picture above is an actual scheme that occurred.

Step 5: Fourth, Push-on Switch Cluster in a Box (to Taste) Like the Following Picture

Fourth, push-on switch cluster in a box (to taste) like the following picture

Step 6: Fifth, Re-PX4 Raft, Do Not Forget to Add a Footswitch Jack Hole in the Casing for PX4, and TADAAAAAAAAAA .... So Is a Foot Switch for the Korg Pandora PX 4

And now my Korg PX4 Pandora bias are invited on stage
IMPORTANT: before turning on the PX4, make sure all the jacks are connected

and this is the one and only footswitch for pandora PX4 from indonesia



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    Thanks for this. Would you mind providing more detail of how to disassemble the px4? What do you need to do after removing the one visible screw?