(For Minecrafters Only) How to Find Out What Version of OpenGL You Have

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Here is a simple way to find out what version of OpenGL you have on your computer. (Note. . . You must have a copy of Minecraft already stored on your computer for this to work. You will also need Java.[These instructions are for PC.])

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Step 1: Get Optifine

Optifine is a tool for Minecraft that increases the performance of it. But it also lets you see what version of OpenGL you have.

Go to optifine.net and download the latest file that corresponds to your version of Minecraft. Just save it anywhere on your computer. The file will be a JAR file.

Step 2: Run the File

Do the keyboard shortcut: Win+R. In the box that opens, type in ---- cmd ----. The command prompt should open. type in ---- cd ----, then, in quotation marks, the path of the folder in which Optifine is contained. Then type in ---- java -jar (filename.jar) ----. The Optifine installer should run; click install, and make changes if necessary.

When it is done, click OK.


Step 3: Run Minecraft

Open the Minecraft launcher. Select the configuration "Optifine" in the dropdown menu next to the play button. If that is not there, you need to make it. When Minecraft finishes starting, click options, then video settings. Click shaders. Near the bottom, you should see details about your graphics card, as well as the version of OpenGL on your computer.



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