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Introduction: For Your Cat!

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Narrated by a Cat, this video shows you how to turn an old mini-RC car into a toy that will dive your cat crazy, and then embarass them later... ;)



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     maybe add a little bit of catnip on the tail...
    But then the cat might eat it!
    I am considering making  a similar thing for my cat, who loves string, so I will have string dragging behind.

    I am such a scared-e-cat that would terrify me meow But I bet my "person" would be amused for hours purrrr

    Didn't need to change the body here , just run the car and the cats pounce , the dog barks at them .......maybe if I add a mouse body they will leave it alone and I can run the cars ...nice video

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    hehe u can buy them in the local pet shop here :D i'l investigate weather its cheaper to make one tho .3

    Very nice toy ! I just wonder if its adaptable with a carrot... It's for my horse ! Rated and favorite...