For Beginners: Create a Whiteboard Pen Holder




At our hackerspace we have a whiteboard, but we always lose our markers. This is because we do not have a pen holder to collect the markers. Sugru is easy component to create pen holders for our whiteboard.

Step 1: Shape Your Sugru

You can form the pen holder any way you want, then you can stick it to the whiteboard.

Step 2: Press Sugru on White Board

The Sugru will stick and you can test whether the marker place is good enough (and you can reshape flexible material if needed).

Step 3: Wait Until It Is Solid

Sugru retains its plasticity for thirty minutes and is self-curing at room temperature after approximately 24 hours (see



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    This is the most useful thing for sugru that's been posted on here so far!

    Well done sir!