For the Makers!

Introduction: For the Makers!

hey guys and girls. this is my first post and I wanted it to be a nice one! sorry for the lack of extra photos though.

I work at a local hardware store (Praxis) in Holland and they have a new motto: for the makers. and in Dutch it is voor de makers.

they recently introduced the dremel idea builder in some of the store's. I have always wanted one so bad since I had seen a documentary about them.

but as I said I work at a hardware store so I can't afford one. buttttt! I have one in the store now and I can play with it! mwuahahaha.

there are a few standard printables on the idea builder and my boss went full apedoodles on it. he printed about a dozen of frogs and mini t-rex heads and a bus and you name it. so I said to him. if you want to sell some of the printers, you have to show the people what you can do with it. so he said to me. work something out and do it.

at first I did not know what I had to print so in about a week it hit me! I can me a lamp fixture out of it with the motto of the store! so I tried it and it came out good.

in the left block I made a hole for the loose fitting (e14) and put one in it. I drilled a hole on the backside for a cable and put a LED lamp in the fixture so that the pla can't melt. I grabbed a lampshade and fixed it on the lamp.

so as you guys can see it turned out pretty good if I may say so myself.

I hope you guys and girls enjoyed this and I would like it if you vote for me on the 3d printing contest!

thank you very much!

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    That sounds like a great motto to have "For the Makers." Now I want to put that up in my shop somewhere.


    Reply 4 years ago

    yeah thanks, it's because of so many people just do what they feel with decorating and stuff. people just put wall paint on furniture and woodpaint on the walls haha. so they are just saying that we are there if they want to ask questions about stuff and what can go wrong or stuff I never heard of. but here in Holland it's very different from America. because today in Holland the "steiger" wood is very popular. you can see everybody just making their own furniture! very nice.