Forbes Teach Me Fast: Card Throwing


Introduction: Forbes Teach Me Fast: Card Throwing

About: Hi! Im tombuckey. I live in Liverpool, England. I build knex ball machines from my own ideas and also build other peoples knex guns. I have a Youtube account just type in Tombuckey in the search bar and all...

My entry to the forbes teach me fast contest. pause the video if you cannot read the captions. keep practasing until your good because your first throw wont be your best.


also ===S-U-B-S-C-R-I-B-E=== to me



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    I wish we could have a card throwing contest on Ibles...

    I love doing this to my friends. All of them say OW! :-D

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    hey cool trick, do u think u could maybe do another vid aswell show a bit more?
    and yeh where did u come in the contest?

    3 replies

    wow great
    But i am nt quite there do you think u could post a couple more vids?

    It should be easy if you just follow the video. Just pause it every now and again.

    cool and thanks! and you where a finalist! plus where 'bouts did you come in the contest.

    no i dont know any card tricks unfortunatily i just had a pack of cards the decide to throw them at my brothers then tought myself how to throw them.