Ford F150 Memorial Truck Collage (Manly Crafts)

This photo Instructable documents the construction of a collage to memorialize my first vehicle, a 1995 Ford F150 lovingly referred to as "Big Blue".  Unfortunately, living through 19 New York winters has taken it's toll on old Blue and the time has come to put her out to pasture.  RIP, Big Blue!

In a way this is like a manly version of scrapbooking, just substitute an abrasive cut-off wheel for scissors and and break out the industrial grade glue gun!  The whole thing is made out of pieces of the truck - the tailgate was cut down to a reasonable size (both body and trim), and I also cut out pieces of the interior carpet, dash, and trim to stick on the front.  The registration sticker had fallen off the window, so I stuck that on there as well.

The centerpiece of this collage is a favorite picture of Big Blue on the side lawn after a long day of hauling wood.  The frame around the picture is made from the rubber of two old windshield wipers.  I super glue to build up the back side of the picture holder, and hot glue for the rubber edging.

Any collage you make will involve different bits and pieces so construction details are not too important, I just hope this Instructable provides some good ideas for your future manly crafting endeavors!



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Ha! I like this ultra manly version of scrapbooking. And what an awesome way to remember your first car. Should have done this to my terrible Ford Escort. :P

    1 reply

    I had a similar idea, instead mine was to use my old gas tank off my first motorcycle. Love it, now I want to do this when my car when it will go to the graveyard this may, cause of the NY winters it will no longer pass their rigorous inspection!