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I started building this 2 months ago after watching a movie on Netflix celebrating the Ford Mustang 50th year. I knew from the start that getting the details of the real car would be a great challenge to convert into K'NEX on a smaller scale.
This had given me problems left and right while building and after, I've changed the front twice, raised the suspension, changed the steering, rebuilt the engine a few times when it jammed up, fixed the rear axle, and just before posting this the steering got taken out in order to rerun the whole system.

I honestly think this maybe an early Instructable post without fully testing by giving it to a child that will push it around and beating into walls.

Step 1: Base

The Split Base is designed to have the drive shaft run in the vehicle instead of underneath.

Step 2: Rear Axle

This is tricky hard, but not as hard as the next step.

Step 3: Engine and Front Parts

Starting off with a few body parts, Then going straight into the Engine, while building the Steering System around it and motor mounts to hold everything in place.
This Step is Hard, after completing this, space out the parts in the Engine to allow the free movement, certain parts will disrupt the Engine and jam it up.

Step 4: Geared Steering System

Adding to what was done in the step before, This was Installed to fix the few problems of it not working, of course that's the reason it looks out of place.

Step 5: Front Body

The front nose of the Mustang may not look right and looks bigger then what it should, but I made it to fit the Engine inside, at first the Engine was bigger but got reduced in size to allow a more flat hood.

Step 6: Rear Body

The Bumper at the rear has the 2 pieces sitting on the green rods as the red connector is in the green connector

Step 7: Final Additions

Roof, Seats, Doors, Trunk, and Hood

Step 8: Completion

You've Completed this Car.
Sometime soon I'm going to complete building an old K'NEX car from 2003, It will be wider then what it was and I'm adding alot into it that it didn't have then but I require for every K'NEX car I've built. I'm also thinking of finishing Instructables with my B.N.O. K'NEX Car. Almost time to move on to something new.



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    2 years ago

    The instructions aren't very good, but the car is awesome!


    2 years ago

    Awesome! Congratulations on the feature! :D

    Mixin LVThat_Jamie_S_Guy

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks, This is my first Feature. The Email surprised me, I didn't know what it was talking about at first, it took me a while to figure it out. Thanks Again.