Forget-me-not Mug




My mum collects mugs and cups with forget-me-not flowers. Each time it is more difficult to find one she doesn't have yet so I've decided to make her one out of felt. (Luckily she doesn't drink from them!)


- 9"x12" sheet of felt in light colour (natural, beige, flesh, white...)
- felt in green and light blue (cut offs are fine)
- yellow beads (optional)
- matching thread:  natural, light blue, green, yellow
- contrasting (or matching) embroidery thread (I used light blue)
- iron on Vilene (optional)
- scissors
- needle
- pins

Step 1: Measuring and Cutting

I'm not very good at measuring so I traced an existing enamel cup onto the paper and then cut it out of felt.

Light felt- The mug
- 2x 7.5 x 25cm (3" x 10")
- 2x circle ∅ 8 cm (3")
- 1x 3 x 12cm (1,2" x 5")

Vinele (optional)
- 1x 7.5 x 25cm (3" x 10")
- 1x circle ∅  8 cm (3")

Blue felt- Flowers
- about 15 tiny flowers (with 5 petals)

Green felt- Leaves''''
- about 8 small leaves in drop shape

Step 2: Stem and Leaves

Take one of the big rectangles and embroider (stitch) stem + add leaves.
(Before I started I've done some sketches on the paper how the stem should look like, which way to go...)

Step 3: Flowers+Vilene

Add flowers and yellow beads as the centre of each flower. If you don't have beads, just stitch yellow centre with thread.
Iron Vilene on the other side of this decorated piece.

Iron on Vilene on one of the circles as well.

Step 4: Handle

Stitch the handle using the baseball stitch.

Step 5:

Put both rectangles on each other, decorated side facing up. The length of the inside felt should be shortened by 2-5mm depending of the felt thickness (otherwise the inside felt will wave) .
Using the ladder stitch sew shorter sides together.

Step 6: Adding the Handle

Add the handle. Mine is the shape of question mark. Make sure your stitches wont show inside the mug- keep the needle between both felt layers.

Step 7: Adding the Bottom

Tricky bit! Take both circles (with Vilone ironed inside) and stitch it to the roll- bottom of the mug. Make sure you stitch all 4 pieces of felt together all the time!! Use matching thread and blanket stitch.

Step 8: Final Step

Using contrasting (or matching) embroidery thread finish the top edge of the mug using blanket stitch.



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Very beautiful what if you stitched around outside of a coffee mug? then mom could drink out of it, and remove the fabric before washing it

    1 reply

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you! Good idea. Now I'm thinking to make a cup cozy. But mum doesn't drink from her forget-me-not mugs anyway :o)