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Introduction: Forget Wires - Jack Hammer Mp3

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This Headphone include Mp3 player, forget wires and you can use the headphone for others players or source audio because has a jack for Plug 3.5 mm stereo

Step 1: Ears Protector and Paint

Hi, are anothers instructables friends how make Jakhammer headphone and headphone with mp3, i think have 2 in one with aditional feature a Jack female for 2.5 mm stereo in audio with this you can buy anothers extensions plug to plug for others application and reuse this headphones.

First buy a ears protector:

(im from Chiapas, Mexico and here the cost are around $6 dlls.)

Paint in black mate

Step 2: Circuit

The key in this step is connect a reuse headphone (i have a broken Sony headphone), follow the schematic circuit.

Step 3: Make Holes and Connections

Make hole for put Jack, and for wire shield who connected Left speaker:

Step 4: Velcro

Put on velcro, side Right and the back on mp3 player

Step 5: Short Plug Extension

Make or buy a short plug 3.5 mm stereo:

Step 6: All Together

Ok, here the best part, put all together, the mp3 player, the speakers and plug extension:

(The mp3 is a cheap brand 128 Mb* and sound great)


*(Oops, this mp3 really have 256 mb)



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    heres my preliminary version, using remington ear protectors, a coby 1 gig mp3 player, and 5$ headphones from Rite Aid. The sound quality is excellent. My first attempt looks like crap though, so im going to make a new version.

    This has been of great help. I was looking for a way to make my JVC HARX700 wireless; now mixing this tutorial with a few Ideas that I have will make my dream come true ;) Thanx man ;)

    1 reply

    Thanks for comment, if you make one please share you project. Greetings

    Hello, I have a question.... where did u get the wire to connect both speakers ??? did u buy it or did u make it ??? can u post where did u get it or where did u buy the things that u used to make it ???? Thanks... Hola, tengo una pregunta... dond conseguiste el cable para conectar los dos auriculares??? lo compraste o lo hiciste ??? podrias postear donde lo conseguiste o donde compraste las cosas que usaste para hacerlo ??? Gracias...

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    Hi, the coaxial audio wire(Stereo) and plug 3.5mm connectors buy in electronic shop. The wire have 2 plastic colors red (right audio) and white (left audio) and the common wire shield. Hola los cables y los conectores los compré en una tienda de electrónica, el cable se le conoce como coaxial de audio y es estereo ya que tiene 3 cables en su interior uno con cubierta roja, blanca y el común que es el blindaje. Gracias por tu comentario

    que onda carnal ta chido el instructable, voy a hacer esto de ponerle un jack para conectar el cable con mis audifonos pq en 3 semanas e tenido que cambiar 5 veces el cable. namas una preguntota si es stereo vdd? hey dude great instructable!. im gonna do this of adding a jack so i can change the cable easily. cause my headphone's cable has breaked off like 5 times in 3 weeks. i just got a question, the soud is still stereo? cause i'm a little paranoic bout my audio (yeah im an audiophile)

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    que tal, así es el plug y cable (3 cablecitos) debe ser stereo para conectar tu bocina izquierda y derecha. Thats right, plug and shield wire (3 little wires) have stereo for left and right speaker.

    I guess necessity is mother of invention, and we all seem to think a like, a few years back, when i was unemployed, i needed something to listen to music and block outside noise, i modified a set of construction noise blockers, I added a pair of earbuds, your idea is better, i will modify mine so that the wire can be disconnected

    There's a thing called time and money and are quite vital to accomplishing something like this. So before you start poking me with a stick to do something, ask questions first. Now back off.

    just post it anyway but add something that makes it unique like LED's even though someone posted something just like it

    AzurusNova, thanks for share your comment, when i dont have money (i was student) bought a notebook then put my ideas, draw, conceptual maps, text, and others i think you made this because the most important is the idea. is a great idea for share this draw for example. Now i have a little money (im working a lot) but no have time :-( , the key is make or made the ideas happen and share with friends. (sorry for my awful english)

    No need to apologize for your English, llaven. You speak English much better than I speak your language. Whatever that is.

    Why would you ask a question like that in the first place? Quasimod gave you the only possible answer. He did not poke you with a stick, he gave you an answer to a question, don't ask questions you know the answer to if you don't like the answer.

    I guess I forgot the smiley. Here ya go... :) Also notice my very next post, "By the way, Pot, meet Kettle". That is a reference to an old saying you may not be familiar with, but it basically means that I don't have any right to give you a hard time about something that I am also guilty of doing. Sort of a wry, tongue-in-cheek admission. llaven has a really good, constructive comment for you, also. He's a smart guy.