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Hey Instructables!  I am on March Break and have nothing to do, so yesterday I was searching around the site for an hour or so and I found a really interesting instructable!  The instructable is "Fork Art" by shauna.  It shows how to make a simple snail out of a fork, using just two pairs of pliers.  I decided I would try this, seeing as we have tons of extra cutlery left over from when we welded metal flowers.  I made 10 or so snails, and then decided that it was time for something a little more difficult.  I looked up images of cutlery art on the web and found a Bassist.  So I decided to see if I could make one.  Unlike the snails, wich take about 10 minutes to make, the Bassist took upwards of half an hour!  But in the end, it was worth it.  I think I will keep it on a shelf somewhere, or give it to my grandmother to sell at one of her craft sales.  If you enjoyed this instructable, please vote for me in the I Made It Photo Contest, and Rate!  Thanks! :D

I ended up making a Violinist and a Flute player as well!  I have a miniature Orchestra going on here!  I think I will make a Guitarist next.  The Violinist kept tipping over because his violin is so heavy, so I had to add a peice of plastic that I melted and bent into the right shape.  The violin, like the bass, is removable, and so is the plastic base.  The flute is clamped into the players hands.

Update #2:
I have now added a Guitarist and a Conductor.  The Guitarist can hold his guitar two different ways, resting and playing, and the guitar is removable.  The conductor's wand is clamped in his hand.  Please vote for me in the I Made It Photo Contest, and in the Makerbot 3D Printer Contest!  Thanks! :)

Update #3!
I added a second guitarist and a drummer today.  The new guitarist is a gift for my grandmother, so he will not be staying very long, but the drummer is a keeper for me.  The drum was really fun to make, and suprisingly not too difficult. I also made a snail that turned out really well.  The shell is in a really tight spiral.
Please vote for me in the I Made It Photo Contest and the Makerbot Challenge!  I could really use a 3D Printer!



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    Great imagination!

    Do you have to polish the metal after the high heat and shaping?

    Are your forks stainless steel or silver plate? I would think sterling would be best, but harder to find and more expensive. Please comment on your experience with these metals. Thank you.

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    I just left them as is, if you wanted them to look pristine they would definitely need some polishing and you would want to cover the metal with some fabric while hammering to make sure you don't scratch it. I think the forks I was using were stainless.

    There you go, uploaded everything I have made so far! I think I will make a Clarinet player and possibly an xylophone or piano player next.

    I do not know much about art but I know what I like and your figures are very good, you know I think you need some percussion instrument to complete the orchestra.

    Thank you! They are pretty simple, all you need are some old forks, a hammer, a vice, needlenose pliers, a vice, and a propane plumbers torch.

    Also, if you like these, check out my Metal Flowers instructable. They are made of Cutlery too! Subscribe if you like my projects!

    The drum is just areally twisted fork.  The prongs are bent out and back up to form the stand, and the handle is curled around to form the cylinder.