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Introduction: Fork Bracelet

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Saw few Instructables here and decided to create one for my wife.

Step 1: Tools & Materials


- Old fork

- Piece of wood

- Pipe

- Table salt

- Vinegar


- Vise

- Hammer

- Pliers

Step 2: Decisions

I took paper clip to decide what shape i want, and also it is much easier to bend...

i practiced on anther fork...

Step 3: Bending

first step of the bending part is to give the fork the shape of the bracelet, to do so clamp the fork with the vise, then put the wood on it so the hammer wont damage the fork texture, repeat this for every 2 cm of the fork until the shape is satisfactory.

second part, here is to shape the fork fingers using pliers (try not to damage the steel... i haven't done a perfect job there).

*sorry i forgot to take pictures i hope this was detailed enough, if not i would love answering questions.

Step 4: Polish

Use table salt and vinegar to clean the fork... make it shiny.

Step 5: Done

What do you think?



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    Nice but how do I put the wood? A few more picture de5tails please.

    To bend the fork, it helps if you use pliers that are coated in a layer or two of electrical tape. This way, it doesn't damage the metal as easily and will probably look a lot nicer :) Wonderful job, i'm going to try this tonight!

    Very nice, I love it! I've always wanted a fork bracelet. Instead of wood, do you think a piece of thick leather would work? Also, could I use a silver plated utensil, or should it be solid. Also, I found a great solution for cleaning silver, so it shines like new. Take a plastic bowl, and line it with crinkled up aluminum foil, sprinkle baking soda in it, enough to cover the foil, and salt. Then add your piece to be cleaned, and polished. Slowly pour boiling water into the bowl, and stand back because it smells like sulfur.

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    not sure about the thick leather, but i think it would do the job (main issue here is not damaging the steel with the hammer).

    regarding the silver plated, i dont see any reason why not, but i

    would definitely practice on another less pricey one.

    not so much, i would recommend practice before as it is combination of delicacy and power...

    I like your work. Good job. Thanks.

    i make and sell jewelry send this is awesome. Prettier than others. I like what you did with the prongs, very creative.

    I think it's harder to do than it looks. Lol, still trying to make mine look as good as yours. Thanks for the salt & vinegar tip!


    It's a lovely gift.