Fork Lockout Mod Part 1



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The RST F1RST Air 29 shock has a lockout knob on the top right of the fork stanchion it's nifty. But I didn't like how it was indexed and don't have a very good feel. It also seemed to limit the lockout adjustability . This is my hack. This modification may void your fork warranty if you have one. Don't attempt to do this unless you're okay with that. Yup

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Step 1: Undo the Mini Alan Screw.

I did this mod before a night ride hence the darkness and absence of my normal bike tools.

Step 2: Pry Up the Knob CAREFULLY!!!

Life only gives you one knob. Don't make lemonade that you have to spill over later.

Step 3: You Will See This. It Is a Ball Bearing on a Spring

If you ever want to undo this mod don't lose the two balls or springs.

Step 4: These Are the Parts You Should Have.

1-knobbie thingie 1plastic circular plate with ditches on one side and wordie-pictureish things on the other 2- springs of differing winding 2- steel balls. 1- screwy thing

Step 5: So for Some Reason They Put a Bunch O Holes in There

I stored the springs and balls in the holes for later .

Step 6: Turn the Post Counter-clockwise Till It Stops.

It shouldn't be but a half turn till it stops. This is your upper limit. Locked out.

Step 7: Flip the Plastic Thingie Around

So no more bumpies

Step 8: Put It Back Together and U Are Done!

Now you have an infinite number of lockout settings! Next when I get some time ill be making a remote lockout for this fork. Stay tuned! As always: do this at your own risk, don't be stupid, if you aren't quite sure about something ask a buddy for help.

Step 9:

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