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Introduction: Fork Wall Hooks!

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In the process of attempting some fork snails, this idea came to me. My forks wouldn't bend like I wanted them to, and when I looked at the mutilated snail, I somehow saw a hook out of it all. This is how I did it.

The concept is that the teeth go down over the nails, nails acting as a fulcrum, and torque created by your coat pushes the teeth against the wall, holding it all up.

Step 1: Materials

All you need is a cheap fork (I bought a four pack at the dollar store) and a vise. To hang them up, two nails are required.

Step 2: Bending

I started by clamping the teeth of the fork into the vise and working my way down. There isn't a lot of instruction involved, my fork was cheap enough that i could bend it by hand. Just follow the pictures for the basic shape.

Step 3: Installation

Hanging the hooks up is pretty straight forward, just put two nails in between any of the teeth. I suggest nailing one nail in, pushing the fork onto it, and then adding another to stop it from spinning.

The photo below shows how I installed it onto a piece of wood, just to test it...I haven't put any on my walls yet. As you can see, this one easily supports my sweatshirt.



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    Good job! I did something similar to this in my kitchen when we renovated it a few years ago. I bent the forks so they hold up my curtains, some pots and my oven mittens.

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    I don't currently have a camera that will hook up to my computer so I can't take a picture. But here's how I did it: Curtains - I bent the handle back and around one of the curtain rods in my kitchen. Then I bent 3 tines back and one to the front - the front one fits in a tiny buttonhole I sewed into my handmade curtains. The forks fit on the curtain fit on the rods so they can be pulled to the side. Pots/pans - I bent the handle back and around a dowel rod (which I wired to the underside of my upper cabinets). I bent two tines back and two forward. The oven glove loops fit on the forward tines as do the holes in my pan handles. Simple and cheap.

    I just refound this so decided to take a picture and post it.

    2014-06-01 10.26.47.jpg

    thanks for the idea. i used big forks i dunno what its called and made it to a skate rack for old skateboards. thanks again!

    We love these hooks and just wrote about them in our blog at They are a fun and inexpensive way to display shop product, which is something that we are always searching for ideas on. We love the DIY aspect of these! Thanks for the ingenious idea!

    We love this idea as a shop display for merchandise and have shared it on our blog at, where we give shopkeepers clever ideas for how to showcase their products. Thanks for the groovy idea!

    Very clever. I was on my way to Ikea to grab a few kitchen wall mounted racks and bars until I read this page. I decided to bend two forks and mount them horizontally on my kitchen backsplash. When joined the two forks create a "bar" to hang towels, or S hooks. Its pretty cool because the decorative embellishments on the fork handle almost create an architectural detail in my kitchen. Thanks for the cool idea

    Another way to use old forks is if you turned the fork the other way; drilled a hole in the handle; screwed it to the wall; then you could bend the "fork tines" slightly and make a recipe card holder, or a picture holder out of it. Oh, and don't bend the fork, just leave it straight.

    Cool! I am going to link to your project on Dollar Store

    Very clever! I'm going to make fork hooks for the kitchen to hold my aprons! Maybe look for a variety of fancy old designs from thrift stores. Thanks!

    I forgot to buy a pack of spoons at the dollar store, and I don't think the family would like to find all our spoons bent out of shape. =[

    haha wburg- great idea. Maybe you can get some cheap ones off ebay to make your snails?

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    Cool idea! How does the fork hold up against a full size winter jacked laden with a hour's worth of accumulated snow? :)