Fork and Gemstone Bracelet




Today we'll teach how to make a bracelet with a common fork and a semi-precious stone.


Step 1: Supplies

You will need:

a fork: the thinner and softer to bend, the better
a semi-precious stone
a round-nose pliers
a needle nose pliers

Step 2: Straightening the Fork

Use the needle nose pliers to straigten the fork.
If you have a hammer and anvil at home, you can straigten the fork with them instead of the pliers.

Step 3: Preparing to Set the Stone

Bend the external tines of the fork up, in square angle. Then, bend the internal ones laterally, keeping an angle of about 30 degrees between them.

Step 4: Setting the Stone - Part I

Now we'll start to set the stone. First, choose the position of the gemstone: choose the position in which it fits better the piece we already made, then set it aside while we work with the first tine.
Use the rounded nose pliers to make the first turn of the spiral, and the needle nose pliers to make the other turns. Don't curl up the whole tine, leaving plain a piece. The size of this piece depends on the height of the gemstone.
Now, bend the tine with the spiral upward of the stone. Use the images as reference. Do the same with the other external tine.
Be sure that the gemstone is firmly seated between the tines. Next step we'll finish the setting of the gemstone.

Step 5: Setting the Stone - Part II

Do the same of the previous step with the two internal tines: twist the ends of the tines, then bend them upward of the stone, this time without twisting again. Remember not to twist the whole tine, leaving some space flat**. The size of this space will be approximately the same as the height of the gemstone at that point.

Step 6: Bending the Handle of the Fork

Use the needle nose pliers to bend the handle of the fork, so it gets the shape of a wrist. See the images to know where to bend. Depending on the hardness of yout fork, you may have to use some strenght, or support on some surface, like we did.

Step 7: The End!

That's it! Check the other bracelets we have made with the same technique, and a video showing how to put it on!

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9 Discussions


4 years ago

cool idea and a faster way to flatten it would be to just put it in a vise


5 years ago on Introduction

Very well-done tutorial. Thank you. I have tried, unsuccessfully, to bend forks for jewelry. I guess I need to find more flexible forks and try again with your guidance.


5 years ago

I'll have to make this now hahaha great instructable


5 years ago

I made this for my sister and she loved it.

14, 12:13 PM.jpg14, 12:13 PM.jpg

5 years ago on Introduction

very nice design!!!!!
I even think this would look great without the stone if you do some curly pattern with the fork tines.
Nice Job!


5 years ago on Introduction

wow!!! I love this! This will be my next venture in DIY-ing. I have collected a few old and pretty forks and they will make beautiful braclets.....thanks for sharing.