Fork Truck Bike




How to convert bicycle into a mighty fork truck

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    12 Discussions


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I hate it when people think it cool not to use safety equipment. You get ONE set of eyes! Also, presumably that pallet is about all it can lift....anything more than the weight of the cyclist and the bike is going to flip up and pivot on steering and crash, surely? And by the same token, don't rise out of your seat to get extra leverage so you can propel that weight along or the rear wheel will lift off the road, won't it?

    3 replies

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I have been a welder, fabricator, mechanic for 32 years, I'm 55. At age 19 I had a Bugee Strap hit my left eye and just recently the lens had to be removed. It feels better than ever after 36 years of headaches. Six months from now they will put a decent lens in that eye and the periferal vision will be better after 36 years. During my entire time on the job and working on my own projects, I have NEVER EVER not worn the correct PPE. PPE = Personal Protection Equipment. I have eight pair of glasses that do nothing but protect my eyes at work. Another pair while on the computer and a special pair for driving at night. I hate to fly, I drive every where! Hearing protection, several pairs of Gloves and disposable, single use Nytrile, for wearing under all of them. All the protective gear to cover my body including poopy suits and protective blankets to shield me from small amnounts of radiation. I have welded aboard ships, boats, inside tanks for water, oil, and milk! Never have I seen sych an irresponcible ( I probably spelled that wrong!) use of welding equipment in all my life! NOT FUNNY! And, tust me when I say this, "I AM BEING NICE! DAMNED NICE!!!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    good video. things can be learned from it.. like arc flash DOES cause sunburn.. you can damage your eyes without a proper welding helmet. and maybe if you pay attention how to build that thing.. cool build, no common sense


    10 years ago on Introduction

    amusing video: yes instructable: no this in no way showed how to do anything. this should not be on here. it is mildly entertaining, but it is not in the spirit of this community. no offense, but this stuff should stay on youtube.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    ok this DEFINATELY NEEDS A WARNING. Even joking about this sorta stuff is in badtaste, considering how often comments on this very website have proven that people will blindly follow examples without ANY thought. No welding helmet(same goes for the welding "assistant"), No safety goggles(though they DID appear one or twice druing the grinding operation where a full face shield would have been even better). Not even sun tan lotion, to prevent the inevitable "sunburn". Really, I DO appreciate the humor. Especially like the forktruck post-race chase scene.... but the kiddies(and some not so kid-dies) need to KNOW there are serious, and in many cases PERMANENT injuries to be had all over this video. +5 for a very creative idea, +5 for production value, Minus several Million for good thinking