Formal Table Setting

Introduction: Formal Table Setting

  • This instructable will show the basic steps to creating formal dining settings and includes a basic cloth napkin fold. This table setting can be used for those looking to add an element of formality to their every day dining experience or for special dining occasions.
  • Each place setting will take approximately 1-2 minutes to set, with an additional 1-2 minutes for each napkin fold.
  • Difficulty level: Easy

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Step 1: Gather Materials

What You Need For Each Setting:

  • Salad fork
  • Dinner fork
  • Soup spoon
  • Dinner spoon
  • Dinner knife
  • Plate
  • Drinking glass
  • Cloth napkin

Step 2: Put Plate at Each Place Setting and Begin With Left Side Silverware

  • Place the salad fork and dinner fork next to the plate.
    • Salad fork far left
    • Dinner fork next to plate (stem approximately 1 inch from plate)
    • Stem of utensils should be about 1 inch apart.

Step 3: Place Silverware on Right Side of Plate

  • Continue to place silverware from left to right (like reading a book)
  • Place knife, dinner spoon, and soup spoon
    • Knife directly next to plate (stem approximately 1 inch from plate)
      • Blade facing plate
    • Dinner spoon to the right of knife
    • Soup spoon to the right of dinner spoon
    • Stems of utensils should be about 1 inch apart

Step 4: Place Drinkware

  • Place glass on the right side
    • Place in space made above spoons and to the right of the knife

Step 5: Napkin Fold

This simple napkin fold will add a touch of formality and elegance to your table setting. The napkin should be placed on top of the plate within the setting.

Step 6:

  • Place napkin on table with points at the top and bottom

Step 7:

  • Fold in half to form a triangle
    • Bring bottom point to top point

Step 8:

  • Take bottom right corner and fold to meet top point

Step 9:

  • Take bottom left corner and fold to meet top point

Step 10:

  • Grab bottom point and flip napkin over
  • Once flipped over, loose ends should be at the bottom

Step 11:

  • Fold bottom point (loose ends) to top point

Step 12:

  • Bring right corner to left corner

Step 13:

  • Stand napkin up with point facing forward
  • Place on top of plate

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    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Nice tutorial. It is amazing how few people know how to properly set a table.