Fortune Eggs




Introduction: Fortune Eggs

Fortune cookies is lame...Now it's time for.........."Fortune" Eggs!

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Step 1: Preparing

First,you will need an egg.You will need to poke a hole at the bottom of it and the top of it..(The bottom hole shoud be bigger).Then,blow all the content into a bowl.Make an omelette or something....Rinse the egg with clean water,and blow it again.

Step 2: Drying

You must dry it well because we will insert a note in it.I used cotton and tissues.I smacked the egg slowly on the tissue/cotton pad.Then, I leave it to dry overnight.

Step 3: Painting

Meh....Paint it like a pro!! Oh yeah.....I used wires to hang it and then I spray paint it.(Sounds professional right?)

Step 4: Inserting Messages

Cut a strip of paper,roll it as tight as you can,and insert it to the b***hole.(Don't forget to write your message/"fortune")

Step 5: Cover the Hole!

Do as you see in the image,okay?

Step 6: Unleash Your Creativity Beyond!

Use your creativity...I used marker pens because I like to keep it simple.Besides,the egg is going to be crushed anyway....Oh! I also used a hanger to make the egg stand.This will make things a lot easier if you are using acrylic paint.

Step 7: "Fortune" Time!

Crush the egg!!!But...if you're creative enough,you can also insert something else i the egg....Such as...I don't know,banana?

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    4 years ago

    Pretty cool ! I love this : lots of work for a few second crack and a good fortune text :)


    4 years ago

    Good idea!