Fortune Telling Gypsy in a Box (Low Tech Version)

Introduction: Fortune Telling Gypsy in a Box (Low Tech Version)

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When I was a young child I was given by some mystic power the instructions to create the Fortune Telling Gypsy in a Box. Ask this Fortune Telling Gypsy anything you want to know and the gypsy will never let you down. The Gypsy in the box will tell you your future and fortune as long as you phrase it in the form of a "Yes" or "No" question; Will you get married? Will you be rich? Will you get an "A" on that test tomorrow? You get the idea.

Only two parts of that story are true... I did come up with the Fortune Telling Gypsy in a box when I was a young child and if you believe, the Gypsy will tell you the answer to any question you ask it. Another Disclaimer: There are very sharp tools used in the construction of this project, so be sure to take due care or get an adults help with these parts.

If you want (or need) to know what lies in your future or that of a friends, I'll pass along the secrets to creating The Fortune Telling Gypsy in a Box for yourself...

Step 1: Preparing a Box to Hold the Gypsy

First you'll need to find a medium sized box. Any size box would work, but you need it to be big enough to hold the answer cards and stick your hand in. Also, the box must be small enough to reach anywhere inside from a single hole cut into the side of it. Clean the box of any debris or loose hanging paper, cardboard or stickers.

Besides a box, some of the items you will need are: A Paper Cup, Index Cards, Tape, Marking Pen, Pencil, Ruler, Scissors, Box Cutter and various items you may want to decorate your Gypsy.

After gathering the needed supplies, you'll seal the bottom of the box by placing some tape over the bottom seam as shown in the pictures. This will keep the answer cards from falling out the bottom of the box or getting hidden under the bottom flaps.

Step 2: Adding the Vocal Input. Part 1: Prepping the Box for the Gypsy's Ear.

The "Gypsy's Ear" can be placed anywhere you like on the box, but high on the front seems to work the best.

Take your paper cup and place it upside-down where you've decided to place the "Ear" and trace the rim of the cup onto the box. Then turn the cup right side-up and centered in the first circle. Trace the bottom of the cup onto the box.

Next use the marking pen to make the circles easier to see. These lines represent the limits of the hole you can cut in the box without making the hole too big or too small a hole for the cup to fit correctly.

Step 3: Adding the Vocal Input. Part 2: Affixing the Cup for the Gypsy's Ear.

Now using freehand, draw a third circle inside, between the first two (2) circles. Represented by the dashed line in the picture above. You will cut a hole in the box where this third circle is drawn.

A note: if you make the circle oblong or oval shaped (long ways vertically), you can affix the cup to the box at an angle, which is more attractive, but not absolutely necessary.

This would be a good time to poke several small holes in the bottom of the cup, but you could do this at anytime.

Pull the cup part way through the hole and position it the way it looks best and place a couple pieces of tape to hold the cup in position while you use several small piece of tape all the way around the cup to hold it solidly in place. Then, using scissors, cut off some of the excess cup inside the box to keep the space inside the box open and clear. It is not necessary to cut off all the excess cup, but it is possible. If you want the inside of the box to look nice too.

After you have put the "Ear" in place and taped it down, permanently close the box top with with some tape.

Step 4: Creating the Access Door to Get the Gypsy's Answers

The Access Door can also be placed anywhere on the box you feel is best. I've placed it on the side so that reaching in is a straight shot through the box and I can reach anywhere inside the box.

Use the ruler to draw three (3) sides of a square on the box where you want the access door to be. Make sure the square is bigger than you fist and the 3 sides are the left, right and bottom of the square. Use your box cutter to cut the 3 sides to create an opening with a flap or door.

Step 5: Creating the Answer Cards

Here's where the magic lies:

You need to create exactly 33 answer cards. First you may want to cut the index cards in half before you use them, but they will work at full sized. Create one card for each of the answers on the list below:

"Yes" times 14
"No" times 14
"Maybe", only one of these
and you need four (4) cards that are stall cards, like "Ask again in 1 hour", "Hard to see, Ask me again" or "I can't tell, Reword your question and ask again."

You need 14 cards that answer in the affirmative. You can word them any way you want. You can write "Definitely Yes" or "I see that as a definite yes."

You'll need 14 cards that answer in the negative. You can also word these however you want as long as they will be understood as "No". You can write "Absolutely No" or just "No" or "Definitely No". Just make sure there are only 14 cards that say "No", 14 that say "Yes" and 1 that says "Maybe". Also of course, 4 more that put the answer off until later.

Fold the answer cards in half and place them in box through the access door.

Step 6: Last Step: Decorate to Suit You

This step is easy... You can decorate the Fortune Telling Gypsy anyway you want. I have only covered mine in wrapping paper, but I'll add some lettering and decorations later. You can paint the box. You can cover it in stickers. You do what ever you like, just don't seal up the access door or cover the holes in the Gypsy's "Ear."

I suspect the better you decorate it, the more cooperative the Gypsy will be.

All that's left to do after decorating is ask the Gypsy any "Yes" or "No" question. Shake the box after you ask each question, then reach in through the door and pull out your answer. Be sure to return the answer cards after every question so you maintain the correct number of answers. If you accidentally pull out more than one answer card, you null and void the answer. Place the answers back in the Gypsy and ask again.

And "Thank you" in advance. The Gypsy tells me you're going vote for this instructable.

GOOD LUCK! And may the Gypsy tell you your Future is bright!!

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