Fortune Cupcake Surprise

Introduction: Fortune Cupcake Surprise

Chocolates seem to get so old every Valentine's day. So I thought I would come up with something different this year. So why not chocolate cupcakes? And to make things even more interesting, why not put little messages inside a fortune cookie. It is very simple. So here is what u will need:

Chocolate cake mix
icing of your choice 
brown cake dye
round cookie cutter
print out special messages u would like to give your special one.
heart box or decorative box

Bake cupcakes according to directions on box
cool & frost
use a small amount of brown cake dye to tint fondant. Roll out & use a medium round cookie cutter to make fortune cookies. Place message half way on fondant & fold over to resemble cookie. Place in a box & give it to your valentine!

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