Forwarding IP Ports to Your Computer

Introduction: Forwarding IP Ports to Your Computer

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So you want to forward some IP ports to your computer!  Now whether that be for Minecraft or for your VNC server (, this is how its done.

Step 1: Finding Your IP Address

So first your going to want to find out your IP address for your router.  To do that you have to open the start menu then in the search box type "CMD" without the quotes.  

Now you should see a black box with the words like "C:\Users\USERNAME" mine says "C:\Users\Cody"

In that black box type in " ipconfig " without the quotes.  You can copy and past if you want to, I just put the spaces before the quotes to make it easier to copy.

Now in that mess of code on the screen you will find a phrase that says "Default Gateway" you will need to type that into your browsers URL bar.  TO copy this code you need to right click and select "Mark" then highlight it and right click.

Also make note of where it says "IPv4 Address" this is your local IP address, you need that in order to forward ports to your computer!

Step 2: Entering the Router Settings

So now that you have your IP address and your gateway (in essence your routers IP address) you can start to forward some ports.

Your going to want to enter in your gateway IP - ex. - once your enter that  you should get a log in box looking like the picture below.

The default password and username is usually "admin"  also try doing one blank - ex. Username- {BLANK} Password- admin -you can also switch it around (password blank and username as admin) 

Is admin not your password? Then use this to select your router brand (

Step 3: Forwarding Ports

Now we get to forward the ports that you need!  First your going to look for a tab called "Application and Gaming" yours may vary depending on your router, mine is a Cisco.  When you are there it should look like the picture below, except with nothing in the boxes.

Under Application Name you will enter anything you want, but usually it is related to what you are using the port for.  For example if you were using it for VNC you would probably name is (your name) VNC - ex. Cody VNC -

The external port and the internal port are going to be the same thing so if your port was 123 you would enter 123 for both the external and internal port.  As far as the "To IP Address" section you are going to type in your IP address (NOT the gateway IP address), for help on what that is refer back to step 1.  Mine is

Now the only thing left to do is check the Enable box on the far end, and click save!  That's it! To check whether or not your port is open go here ( and enter in the port that you forwarded.

Step 4: Some More Information Needed!

Some internet companies don't want you to open up certain ports, like 25 for e-mail.  Some companies don't want you to open up those ports because it helps block spam. Also port 80 tends to be blocked a lot to.

Here are some major internet companies that block port 25 (and others as well)

AT&T (can be unblocked at the request)
People PC
Comcast ATTBI

And that's all! Thanks for visiting my very first Instructables!

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