Four-Berry Ginger Bark

Intro: Four-Berry Ginger Bark

Hi guys! This time around, we created a delightful lip-smacking dessert that contains four different types of tasty berries, with delectable hints of candied ginger, covered in rich dark chocolate. This Four-Berry Ginger Bark will leave your taste buds in a frenzy for more! So make sure to share this deliciousness with your friends and family because it is the perfect holiday treat. Happy Holidays!

Lena's & Leah's Cooking Show
Episode #13

Yelena Petkova
Leah Byam

Music Composers
Peter McIssac
Vincent Tone
Shaun Fearson

Produced by
Yelena Petkova & Leah Byam

Camera # 2
Aaron Gordon

Directed / Edited by
Brian Palmer



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