Four Lives of a Modern Side Table




Introduction: Four Lives of a Modern Side Table

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When thrifting at Goodwill or other vintage shops, it takes a keen eye to choose furniture wisely.
See how this laminate topped modern side table was strong enough to live four lives. Each look brought the table closer to it's final form.

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Step 1: Original Table From Goodwill

Nice legs make this table a piece worth having. The laminate top was not so pretty.

Step 2: 2nd Life As a Painted Tiered Table

A coat of primer and two coats of paint help disguise the laminate, but it doesn't hold up to everyday use.

Step 3: 3rd Life As an Upholstered Felt Table

After giving up on the painted table, I decided to use it for a project on Chicago.
See the felt upholstery full tutorial here:
Photo: ApartmentTherapy-Chicago

Step 4: Smashed to Smithereens by Mr. Mod

After a trip and a stumble, the table's middle supports came undone. It could have been repaired but it had one more life to live as an upholstered ottoman.

Step 5: Add a 2" Foam Top

Trace the base circle shape on a piece of foam and cut it out with an electric knife.

Step 6: Sew the Ottoman Cover

Cut out a circle 1/2 inch larger than the table top. Also cut out a strip of fabric 5 inches deep and 3 inches larger than the circumference of the table. Stitch cording to the circle top and then stitch the band on to the corded circle. Fold fabric over and pin and stitch the band closed, using topstitching if you want.

Step 7: Upholster the Ottoman

Add a layer of batting over the foam topped ottoman. Slip the sewn cover on top of the ottoman and pull evenly all around while securing with staples, keeping the cover smooth all the way around.

Step 8: The Fourth Life

Modern, sleek and jazzy ottoman for use in the closet, the bedroom, the living room or kitchen.

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    4 years ago

    This is so cool!!

    Mar HK
    Mar HK

    8 years ago on Introduction

    I just did something very similar a couple of weeks ago with an old side table. Now it's a great looking bench for my project table.


    I've seen these styles of tables at thrift stores too, but I didn't have the vision for them as you have. Cooooooooool


    10 years ago on Introduction

    That's a really cool table! Even though you used it over again it keeps appearing to be something brand new! I love it!

    That's a great demonstration of reusing...over and over and over and over.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Maybe I should make it into a Derby hat for today's festivities. Ha!