Four Panel Spinner Set Up




Introduction: Four Panel Spinner Set Up

Here are instructions showing you how to put together the Four Panel Spinner. The completed display will look like the one in this photo.

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Step 1: Open the Box and Take Out All the Parts.

There will be eleven (11) total parts inside the box:

1 Top Pole

1 Bottom Pole

4 Casters

2 Bearing Assemblies

1 Bottom Rack

1 Top Rack

1 Base

Step 2: Screw the Casters Onto the Base

Screw each of the four (4) Casters into the Base.

Step 3: Insert the Bottom Pole Into the Base

Step 4: Slide One of the Bearing Assemblies Onto the Base

Step 5: Slide the Bottom Frame Onto the Bottom Pole

When the Bottom Frame is put on correctly, the protruding box will rest on the Bearing Assembly. The box should be able to spin freely.

Please note that the Bottom Frame looks very similar to the top frame. The Bottom Frame has L-shaped hooks whereas the Top Frame has U-shaped hooks. Please refer to the pictures to make sure you have the correct Frame.

Step 6: Attach the Top Pole to the Bottom Pole

Step 7: Slide the Remaining Bearing Assembly Onto the Top Pole

The Bearing Assembly should rest on the lip of the pole.

Step 8: Slide the Top Frame Onto the Top Pol

Make sure that the protruding box rests on top of the Bearing Assembly. The Top Frame should spin easily.

Step 9: The Four Panel Spinner Should Look Like This

Step 10: Mount the Cartons on Each of the Four Sides.

Mount each carton one by one. Each carton is the same size and will overlap.

Step 11: Your Finished Four Panel Spinner Should Look Like This.

Next, add the seed and carefully roll the rack to its pre-selected location.

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