Four Sided Mini Tealight Lantern




Simple tea light lantern from 1 sheet of paper. Can be modified for different seasons, or holidays.

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Step 1: Supplies

1 sheet 8.5X11 black cardstock 60lb weight or heavier

1 sheet white tissue paper


x-acto knife



Glue (I like this 3-in-1 by Beacon because it grips almost instantly and doesn’t require holding pieces together while waiting to dry.)

Tea Light

Step 2: Print and Cut Stencil

Print out stencil cut on the black cut lines. The cyan colored lines indicate where the lantern needs to be scored.

(or upload file: LBlantern.svg to your cutter software. Be sure to set the cyan colored lines to score and NOT cut.)

Step 3: Cut Tissue Paper for Inside

Trim up white tissue paper to fit behind the bunny cutout

Step 4: Glue in Tissue

Glue tissue to inside of each lantern side (keep the side gluing flaps to left)

Use your x-acto knife to trim off excess tissue.

Step 5: Fold Rest of Score Lines

Fold the score lines that connect the lantern top to the base.

Lower score line folds towards the front, the upper score line folds back.

Step 6: Fasten Sides

Apply glue first panel side flap and secure to panel 2.

Continue gluing panels until the sides are all connected

Step 7: Adhere Tops

Apply glue to gluing flap of 1 top section.

Continue to adhere top panels until fastened all around.

Step 8: Done!

Now just because I picked a bunny, doesn’t mean you need too! Any silhouette can be cut from the center of the side panels – Christmas, other Easter, Patriotic, Halloween, Thanksgiving and any other holiday theme!

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    3 Discussions

    wrenvPenolopy Bulnick

    Reply 1 year ago

    i didn’t put a bottom on them, so you couldn’t use a tea light if you strung them up. However, it might be possible to hang them on a string of Christmas lights... Great suggestion!

    Penolopy Bulnickwrenv

    Reply 1 year ago

    I was thinking they'd look cute just on their own strung up, but Christmas lights or some kind of LED string (or fairy light type thing) would be perfect :)