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Introduction: Four Sided Never Ending Card

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This project will demonstrate how to make a four-sided, never-ending postcard which is incredibly intriguing to play with. It can also be used as an educational tool to demonstrate four concepts of any subject, including foreign language, continents, characters, scenes, geography, photography, etc.

Step 1: Tools You Will Need

  • 4 SQUARE Images on Card Stock
  • Large Paper Cutter
  • Cutting Mat
  • Metal Ruler Pencil
  • Scoring Tool (such as knitting needle)
  • Double Sided Adhesive Squares
  • Scissors

Step 2: Project Hints

The two keys to this project are:

  • glueing instructions
  • horizontal or vertical positioning

If you pay close attention to the gluing instructions and alignment of the cards (horizontal or vertical), the project will come together perfectly!

Step 3: ​Prepare 4 SQUARE Images

Prepare 4 SQUARE images, preferably from card stock.

Step 4: Cut Your Squares - 2 Vertical & 2 Horizontal

Cut the four images into 8 rectangles. Cut the first and third images vertically and the second and fourth horizontally. You will have 4 vertical images and 4 horizontal images.

Step 5: Score the 8 Rectangles

With a knitting needle on a cutting mat, score along all 8 rectangles ¼ of the way and ¾ of the way. If you have 6 inch rectangles, your score marks will be at 1.5 inches from each end.

Step 6: Bend and Press Along the Score Lines

Bend along score lines and press down, ultimately pairing the images together. You will have 8 rectangles (4 vertical image/4 horizontal images), scored on each end.

Step 7: Flip Over the First Two Vertical Images

Take your first image (2 vertical pieces). Place them on the mat and flip each over so that the image is facing the mat. (The image would not match if you were to see under it.)

Step 8: Glue the Four Corners

With the two vertical pieces side by side, put adhesive just on the four corners.

Step 9: Place the Second Image (horizontal)

Put the second image (horizontal cut) and press on top into place.

Step 10: Flip Open the Image and Fold Back on Itself

Flip the center fold open (horizontally) and fold back on itself. The fold will be where the score of the paper underneath line up. Press the seams.

Step 11: Glue in an "H" Pattern.

Put glue (adhesive) on the project in an “H” pattern.

Step 12: Place the Third Image (vertical)

Place the third image (vertical cut) on top. Press to secure.

Step 13: Flip Open the Vertical Cards and Fold Back on Itself

Flip the center fold open (vertically) and fold back on itself. The fold will be where the score of the paper underneath line up. Press the seams.

Step 14: Glue the Entire Area

Glue the entire area.

Step 15: Place the Fourth Image (horizontal)

Place the fourth image (horizontal cut) on top. Press to secure.

Step 16: Final Product

This is your final product. Fold the card back on itself over and over again to reveal the four images.



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    5 Discussions

    I have a third grade teacher doing this project with her students for mother's day! Poetry and photos of favorite places.

    Another fifth grade teacher is leading a unit about State Fairs. She is having her students create cards with state facts to share with passers by.

    That's a really cool gift to make someone :)