Four-legged Fort -- Halloween Themed Robots

Introduction: Four-legged Fort -- Halloween Themed Robots

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The little monster Four-legged Fort roamed around at Halloween night. In order to intimidate enemy and all around him, he would show the cannon hidden in it's jaw at times. With the power of his cannon, he would plan for world domination and threatened every passerby: “This road is mine. Give me candy if you want to advance.”

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Step 1: Part List

Step 2: Assemble the Four-legged Fort

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Step 3: The View After Assembled and All the Parts.

Step 4: Assemble the Movable Base Mechanism

Step 5: It Contain Two Component Have the Same Sturcture As It's Foot, Show in the Figure Below.

Step 6: Then the Follow Is Show How the Motor Combine With the Base Mechanism.

Step 7: Put on the Control Board.

Step 8: Linkage Slider Mechanism As It't Cannon.

Step 9: Linkage Slider Mechanism As It't Cannon.

1、Linkage slider mechanism contain two component,the driver one and the base, then all the parts need is show below.

Step 10: According the Follow Figure to Assemble the Driver Component.

Step 11: Then Assemble the Base As Follow.

Step 12: Combine Two Conponent Together.

Step 13: Final Assemble

1、Connect the two conponents you have assembled before.

Step 14: 2、Clothing It With Its Cap.

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    Gosse Adema
    Gosse Adema

    3 years ago

    Nice build. Used materials remind me to meccano.
    Do you have a video of the robot?