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I had these four colours I think look amazing together, so I wanted to make a bracelet of it. Yes, that's right, I wanted to make a bracelet because I think the colours look great together. You might ask yourself why, but it is really simple and logical actually. When colours look great together, they should be together. And how else to do that than by making a bracelet!! But, there were four colours. Four. So, I decided I would just braid it to see how it turns out :D

After that I ended up with that cute, unevenly bracelet. But, the laces I had were 1 meter long so I still had quite a bit left. Back to the braiding then :) The second bracelet I made is the caged bracelet, it's a lot wider than the first bracelet and has one central colour. After braiding those two bracelets, the laces still weren't finished. Of course I made a third one :) The third one looks more like what you think of when you think of a four stranded braid, well at least I think so. I'm really glad with how these bracelets turned out and I hope you like them too.

In this instructable, I show how to start and end one of the bracelets once, because this is exactly the same for all three of them. The only difference is in the braiding explanations, just choose the braid you like most :)

Step 1: Materials

To make one of these bracelets, you will need the following:

- four faux suede laces ( I used four different colours, but this is entirely up to you)
- two cord crimps (mine were 13 mm)
- two metal rings
- a closure ( I used a toggle clasp)
- pliers
- scissors

Step 2: Joining the Laces

Take your four laces and one of the cord crimps. Align the laces so that the ends are at the same height. Turn the laces ,while holding them with your thumb to prevent them from moving, so they are straight up. Put the cord crimp on top of them and close the cord crimp using your pliers.

Step 3: Braiding Bracelet 1

Start by taking the right lace and putting it over the two laces next to it. Next, take the left lace and move it over the lace next to it (the one you just placed there). That's all! Keep repeating these steps until you have reached the length you need for your bracelet. While braiding, try to keep the laces as flat as possible for the best look. Keep in mind that it shouldn't completely fit around your wrist, there is also a closure there.

Step 4: Braiding Bracelet 2

Start by putting the right lace under the one on it's left. Next, put it over the next lace on the left. Now it is time to take your left lace. Put it over the lace on it's right and under the next one. Keep repeating these two steps until your braid is finished. Keep in mind it shouldn't fit around your wrist completely, there is also a closure there.

Step 5: Braiding Bracelet 3

Start by taking the right lace. Put it over the lace on it's left. After that, put it underneath the next lace on the left. Lastly, put it over the last strand on the left. Repeat these steps until you have reached the desired length, keeping in mind that the closure still has to be added, so you don't have to braid the bracelet until it completely fits around your wrist.

Step 6: Closing the Bracelet

When you have reached the length you need, put your thumb on the end to prevent it from unbraiding. Straighten the laces in order to cut them off evenly. When you have done that, repeat what you did to join the laces: While holding them with your thumb, turn them up so they are straight up. Put the second cord crimp on top and use pliers to close it.

Step 7: Rings and the Closure

Add one of the loops to the beginning of the bracelet and one to the end. Before closing them, add the parts of the toggle clasp.

Step 8: Done!

Well, that's it! I hope you liked this instructable, found it useful and maybe will try it yourself :)

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    Thank you! It depends a bit on where you live. I get mine from a Dutch jewelry webshop, but ebay and amazon sell them as well, just search for ribbon crimp or cord crimp and look for a size as close to 13 mm as possible (I've seen some 16 mm ones on ebay)

    Wow... you are really living upto your ible every two days :D. Great job Emily. Love you choice of colors, you have a great sense of color combination and the bracelet looks very neat :)

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    i couldn't help it and made it one a day :) Which also means I run out of projects twice the speed :(. Thank you so much!! I love these colours together soooo much!!!