FoxRox Bluetooth Vibration Speaker and 3.5mm Aux Cable

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Do you want to connect your smartphone to your FoxRox Bluetooth Vibration Speaker with a 3.5mm aux cable? It's easy, just follow the steps in this easy-to-use guide, and before you know it, you'll be getting noise complaints from your neighbors.

Step 1: Locate the 3.5mm Port on Your Phone

If you are not already familiar with the 3.5mm port on your phone, now is a great time to locate it. On most phones, it is located either on the top or bottom of the device (as opposed to the front, back, or sides).

Step 2: Where NOT to Plug in 3.5mm Cable

If your phone has a port that looks like this, don't plug the cable into it.

Step 3: Another Bad Port

Well, this is the same size, but not quite big enough. Try again.

Step 4: Don't Plug the Cable Into THIS

What are you doing?!? Don't stick your aux cable into a power socket. That's a very, very bad idea, and FoxSmart does not condone bad ideas. Try again.

Step 5: Correct Connection to Phone

Hey, you got it! Good for you! Give yourself a pat on the back and move on to the next step.

Step 6: Plug 3.5mm Cable Into Speaker

Once you've located the 3.5mm port on the FoxRox speaker, plug the other end of the aux cable into it.

Step 7: You Rock!

Great job! Now that you've connected your speaker to your phone with the cable, you're ready to enjoy some sweet tunes on your FoxRox Speaker. Go ahead, crank up the volume and feel the bass.

NOTE: this is a Bluetooth speaker! You can also connect this bad boy to most smartphones, tablets, etc. that are equipped with Bluetooth. Check out our Instructable here for pairing instructions.



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