FoxRox Bluetooth Vibration Speaker (how to Pair Via Bluetooth)

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This easy-to-follow guide will show you how to pair the bad ass FoxRox Bluetooth Vibration speaker to your smartphone or other bluetooth-enabled device.

Step 1: Remove and Identify Components

Each FoxRox Bluetooth vibration speaker includes (clockwise from top right corner):

  • Micro USB charging cable (1)
  • 3.5mm aux cable (1)
  • Vibration speaker
  • Resonance wood piece

(hint: don't throw the box away. you can use it as a speaker cab later..)

Step 2: Power on Speaker

Slide the power switch located on the side of the speaker to 'BT'. The blue status light will flash and the audio controls on the top of the speaker will illuminate.

Step 3: Enable Bluetooth Settings on Smartphone

Go to the 'settings' menu on your smartphone or other bluetooth-enabled device. We've got a Samsung phone in our example shown in the photos.

From the 'settings' screen, select and switch on your device's bluetooth. Once on, the FoxRox speaker will show in your phone's list of visible devices as "VIBRO-26W". Select "VIBRO-26W" on your phone, and shortly you will see that the speaker shows as being paired with your phone.

Step 4: Remove Protective Film

Next, remove the protective film from the bottom of the speaker by pulling the tab.

Step 5: Jam Out!!!

You are now ready to listen to your FoxRox speaker. Pick out some tunes either from your personal library or a streaming music service and enjoy.



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