Foxtail Millet Laadoo With Honey

Introduction: Foxtail Millet Laadoo With Honey

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Foxtail millet flour mixed mix honey has been used as food by one kind of Tamil tribes living in the hills. It is very easy to make and good for health.

Here is a simple recipe for making foxtail millet laadoos with honey

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Step 1: Ingredients

200 grams of Foxtail millet

One cup of Honey

Step 2: Clean the Foxtail Millet

Before making the flour, the millet needs to be cleaned.

Wash in clean water two to three times and drain out the water. Sun-dry the cleaned millet till it becomes completely dry

Step 3: Make Flour

Using a mixer-grinder, grind the millet in to flour. Sieve using a fine mesh. You can grind the remains few times for completely grinding the millet in to fine flour

Step 4: Add Honey and Make Dough

Add honey to the flour in small quantities and make dough.

Step 5: Make Laadoos

Make Laadoos with hand. You can make it to any shape you like.

This Ladoos can be stored for a very long time in containers.

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