Frag Grenade

Introduction: Frag Grenade

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this grenade is way differant then other grenades. it works super well when you throw it but doesn't work as great when you toss it. it has a blast radius of approx. 3 meters and uses a rubber band. it didn't work as i thought it would, but its still a great grenade. now, less talking, more building! )p.s. this instructable was suppos to be published about 2 monthes ago but our camera started acting wierd. )

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Step 1: Parts

Step 2: Making Parts

pic 1:left side of grenade
pic 2:pin thing
pic 3:pin and right side of grenade
pic 4:trigger thing

Step 3: Assambely

making of the grenade
pic 1 put on yellow connecters (shrapnel)
pic 2 slide trigger on right side of grenade
pic 3 put side of grenade on like so
pic 4 put on pin thing (i also forgot to put on the "left side of the grenade" in the picture)
pic 5 hold the grenade from the side and put the bottom of the grenade on your knee
pic 6put the rubber band on and pull down
pic 7place end of rubber band like so

Step 4: Loading

easy pull up pin.make sure the rubberband is covering the trigger like it shows in the picture

Step 5: Fin

your done. now go into your hall way and throw it!!!

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    8 Discussions


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    it is a great grenade but if you toss it it just falls apart. but its is a pwerful and great grenade


    9 years ago on Introduction

    It looks great :), i havnt seen any other grenades like this so 5* for making a new design :)