Fragrant Mint Wreath





Introduction: Fragrant Mint Wreath

My mint plant has taken over the garden, plus I need a pretty wreath for the holiday season.  Let's put this aggressive plant to good use.

Step 1: Get Everything Together

You will need:

-old cardboard big enough to cut your wreath frame out of, the size is up to you
-duct tape, any color
-dried goldenrod, it grows in my front yard
-any other interesting greenery of your choice

Step 2: Cut the Cardboard and Get Started

Find a round object the size of the wreath you are wanting to make.  Trace the shape onto the cardboard.  You could also make different shapes if you like, a square one would be beautiful too.  Cut out the frame leaving about 3 inches of width to tape the greenery to, you can make it thinner or thicker if you like.  Gather about 6 sprigs of mint and one sprig of goldenrod, with the goldenrod on top, it looks best to place it off center.  Hold this tightly by the stems, then lay this down on the wreath and attach using a long thin piece of duct tape.  Make sure to loop the duct tape all the way to the back and press securely.  It doesn't matter what the back looks like, nobody will see it. 

Step 3: Continue Attaching Greenery

Vary the amount and location of goldenrod and other accent greenery.  You don't want to overdo it.  The main focus should be on the mint.  As you add another bundle of greenery it will go below the first one, and so forth until you've covered the entire frame and are back around to the first one.  When placing the last bit of greenery in you will need to lift up your first bundle to attach the last one underneath it, then let it fall back into place.  You should not see any bare cardboard from the front. 

Step 4:

Take pictures to show off your work, then hang and enjoy!!!  I would highly recommend using this wreath outside in the cool weather, it will take much longer to dry out that way and you will be able to enjoy the beauty and fragrance much longer.   Isn't it amazing what you can make for free? 



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    10 Discussions

    Oh yeah now I know something else to use mint for! I have a rosemary bush also! Thanks for sharing your hard work!

    Cool idea heading out today today and get me some mint.Thanks

    Thank you all very much, it smelled wonderful and still does now that it's dried up...I just tossed it into the compost bin yesterday. @tbcross, it lasted a couple of days so it's best for a special occasion etc, although it may last longer if spritzed with water with a water bottle.

    I have a rosemary bush that I do this with.....will now use the mint. Once that stuff takes root LOOKOUT !! :)) I love it :O)

    Oh! If only I had checked ibles before ripping mint out of the yard today. (Maybe I still have enough lemon balm to do it.) Your wreath is beautiful!

    wish I had some mint growing. This is such a good idea pretty and sweet to smell, how long does it last?