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Introduction: Frame Pack for Bike

Hi everyone, I just found out about this awesome site, I like the idea about sharing ideas with others and already saw a lot of cool creations here!! Keep on sharing!

This summer I will ride from Belgium to Turkey, in +-15 days. I won't take a lot of equipment for this trip, because I want to travel fast. Therefor I need to have some lightweight sturdy bags, I can put on my road bike.

There exist a lot of decent lightweight frame packs that you can buy such as apidura, alpkit, porcel. rocket, etc. etc. But I do love the diy so much... Therefore I made this prototype last week.

Step 1: First Step

Recuperate an old or buy a sanitary pvc pipe. I used a 10cm diameter tube.

pvc is the ideal material for this project because when you heat it enough, it's veryyyy moldable!

Saw it in the desired length= the length of your upper frame-tube

Now you need a HEATGUN, some CLAMPS, and WOODEN PLANKS to be able to turn your ordinary PVC tube into this supercool frame pack.

So just heat that pvc up, do it outside (you don't want to inhale that heated pvc smelly fume).

When the pvc is hot enough, you'll notice it's moldable. then use the clamps and the wooden planks to shape it! Now shape it!

Step 2: Molded Pvc Tube, Now You Shape It Even More

Use your saw even a bit more, give it a good shape so it fits under your upper tube.

Make from another piece of pvc two ends for your pack. Heat the pieces, so they will fit on the frame pack

Put some glue on the ends (I used tec7), and glue it!

Step 3: Finishing the Frame Pack

Now here is where I forgot to take more pictures, but let me explain it to you..

Drill holes in the frame pack so that you can hang it with zipties to the bike tube (you could also use velcro).

Cut a piece of the pvc framepack so that you can open it. Drill litlle holes in that piece you cut out of it and drill holes in the framepack, so that you can attach the piece on it to open it. I used small iron wire to attach both pieces. (Hope you understand this, my english isn't 100%...). Afterwards I used a velcro to close it. Pimp the color up with a can of paint or duct tape and KABAANG!!! You've got yourself a framepack for around 3-4€! congratz!!!

Now I just made a prototype and I want to improve it. If anybody got some ideas of how to make this better, please share!

Take care and greetings from Belgium!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is a great idea. Thanks for sharing your build! I hope we see more from you in the future.