Framed Postcard and Picture Collage




This is a fun and easy way to memorialize a trip and create art at the same time!

I made these two collages with photos I took and postcards I bought during my awesome trip to Tennessee.  I wanted to highlight my favorite parts of the trip, which included visiting the Grand Ol Opry, Country Music Hall of Fame, Jack Daniels distillery, Belmont University, downtown Franklin, and attending the CMA Awards.  The collages are hanging on a wall in my living room, and I love them!


•    picture frame (I used a 16"x20" frame with a mat)
•    postcards
•    photos
•    ruler
•    scissors
•    scotch tape


•    make sure the postcards and photos you want to use are the same size
•    lay them out in your desired pattern
•    flip all of them over and tape the backs together
•    fit inside picture frame
•    secure the back
•    hang on a wall or display on a shelf

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