Framing Art Cheaply



We will be creating a cheap space theme picture frame with school supplies you never fully used.

Let’s recycle your money!


1. Choose your work of art.

2. Prep the frame.

3. Add the art to the frame.

4. Wrap it up.


of shoe box (size doesn’t matter, it’s about how big you want your art to be)

-Tab pocket dividers (choose whatever colors make you happy)

-Glue stick (it’s the easiest and cleanest way)


-Tin foil

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Step 1: ​Find a Shoe Box and Take the Lid.

Step 2: ​Cut the Tabs and Holes Off of the Dividers.

Step 3: ​Cut the Divider Into Your Desired Sized Square or Rectangle.

Step 4: ​Cover One Side Entirely With the Glue Stick and Paste It in One of the Corners of the Lid.

Press down on the paper you just pasted in the corner to make sure there aren’t any air bubble.

Step 5: ​Repeat Steps 3-5 Until the Entire Inner Side of the Shoe Box Lid Is Covered in Paper.

Step 6: ​Glue Your Manipulated Art Onto Your Frame.

Wrap the frame in tin foil to give it a metallic, spaceship aesthetic.

Step 7: Measure the Tin Foil by Expanding It Behind the Frame and Allowing Some Extra Free Space to Be Folded Into the Corners.

Step 8: ​Fold the Tin Foil Into the Corners and Glue Them Down for Sturdiness.

Step 9: ​Repeat Steps 7 & 8 to Cover the 2 Remaining Corners.

Step 10: ​Clean Up After Yourself!!

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    That is a fun way to display an art piece. Thanks for sharing.