Homegrown Bert Jack-O-Lantern! I used an original design to create my Frankenstein-ish Bert from Sesame Street. Bert loves pigeons, but I think they are kind of scary, so it made perfect sense to include a pigeon. My green pumpkin was transformed into a Franken-Bert Pumpkin by e-xacto knives and gouges. This took about 12 hours in total.

These are the few in progress pictures that I took, showing the transfer of the pattern with little knife pokes, the preliminary cutting and gouging, final shading and then the removal of the background.

As always it's impossible to get a good picture of the pumpkin glow, in most pictures either Bert or the pigeon look great, never both. The background has the top layer of green skin removed to highlight the outline, Which is impossible to catch in these photographs. But rest assured, as always, it looks better in person!

The small pumpkin was also grown in our garden this year, I dropped it while working on a mini spiderman pattern, but the cracks didn't phase me. I was carving it! I used some wire stitching to hold him together after he got a cute face, and I thought it was too cute not to include.



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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Nicely done! Wayyy better skills then I'll probably have at carving pumpkins. +5/5 stars.